Analele Universitatii "Ovidius" Constanta Seria Istorie / Annals of the"Ovidius" University of Constanta - the History Series
ISSN 1841-138X

A.U.O.C.S.I. is a peer-reviewed journal which is published once a year by the "Ovidius" University Press Publishing House, which is part of the "Ovidius " University of Constanta, and is accredited by CNCSIS (National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education). (http://www.univ-ovidius.ro/cercetare/editura/index.htm)

A.U.O.C.S.I. publishes scientific papers in history, political science, international relations, European studies, security studies, civilization, culture, spiritual interference and other related fields.

Our issues which are older than 5 years are entirely free. Articles in Romanian which are older than 2009 (i.e. 3 years), are also available for free.
A.U.O.C.S.I. foloseste evaluare de tip peer-review pentru articolele trimise spre publicare si apare anual, fiind publicata de Ovidius University Press, editura acreditata CNCSIS.

A.U.O.C.S.I. publica lucrari de istorie, stiinte politice, relatii internationale, studii Europene, studii de securitate, civilizatie, cultura, interferente spirituale si din alte domenii conexe.
Volumele mai vechi de 5 ani sunt disponibile gratis on-line, in timp ce articolele in limba romana mai vechi de 2009 (adica mai vechi de 3 ani), sunt de asemenea disponibile gratis.